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Business Donors

Christianson Fund

Individual Donors

NOTEWORTHY ($1,000 and up)

Virgil L. and Peggy  A. Gibson    
The Rev. Dr. Mark W. Oldenburg and
     Ms. Jill Schumann     
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Rock  

Col. Guinn E. Unger
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Unger
The Rev. Martin O. Zimmann and The Rev.
     Angela K. Zimmann

BUILDER ($500 - $999)

Ms. Angela L.  Borger    
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. H. Lee Brumback, II   
The Rev. Dr. and  Mrs. C. Gerald Christianson
The Rev. Dr. Michael and The Rev. Dr. Pamela      Cooper-White    
Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Falk    
Dr. David E. Flesner    
Mr. Jeffrey W. Gabel    
Wayne and Susan Hill

Ms. Jean S. LeGros    
Ms. Susan Nichols    
Eddie Rankin and Megan Weikel    
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Roach    
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Sharro    
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Speer    
Judge and Mrs. Oscar F. Spicer    
Dr. Richard J. Wood

FOUNDER ($350 - $499)

Mr. and Mrs.  Bernard H. Anthony Jr.    
Daniel and Lucinda Bringman    
Michael and Kathryn Gelner

Mr. and Mrs.  Jonathan S. Griffiths    
Mr. John W. Jones and Ms. Gail P. Jones    
Bill and Judy Leslie

SUSTAINER ($200 - $349)

Mrs. Regina P.  Arnold    
Drs. Teresa and Ralph Bowers    
Lynn and Dorothy Cairns    
Margaret Curtis    
Robert and Mary Daniel        
Peter and Gail Hull    
Jerry D. Johnson and Sandy Moyer    
Kirby and Diane Kiefer

The Rev. Dr. and  Mrs. A. Donald Main    
Ms. Stephanie A. Pezzato    
Dr. Janet M. Powers    
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Rinehart    
Mr. Raymond A. and Mrs. Linda N. Smith  
Mrs. Gretchen P. Stuempfle    
Ms. Susan L. Swope    
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Thorsen    
Mrs. Dana H. Witt and Mr. Paul S. Witt

GUARANTOR ($100 - $199)

The Rev. Dr. and  Mrs. William O. Avery    
Mrs. Lynda Badger and Mr. James Badger,  Jr. 
Ms. Jill A. Bemis    
The Rev. and Mrs. Jon A. Black    
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh P. Colgan    
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Crist    
The Rev. and Mrs. Richard H. Englund    
Mrs. Doris E. Fahnestock    
Mr. and Mrs. Kraig L. Faust    
Mr. and Mrs. Roland E. Hansen    
Jerry Heeschen    
Mr. Barry Homan    
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Hull, III    
Mrs. Glorianne Hutchison    
Benjamin Jones    
Walter and Janice Krug  
Mrs. Lee Ann Larson    
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Liddle    
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Luquette    
Mrs. Linda S. MacAskill    
Mr. Donald C. and Mrs. Joan MacLean  
Donna McGough

Ms. Katherine E.  Miller    
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Monahan, Jr.    
The Rev. Dr. Victor A. Myers    
Mr. and Mrs. Whitney V. Myers    
Norman and Carolyn Nunamaker    
Arlene and Gerry O'Brien
Ms. Carla Pavlick  
Mr. Donald Redman    
Mr. James Replogle    
David Rice and Dora Townsend    
Philip Roth    
Chet and Sally Schultz    
Janet Scott    
Dr. Dana Seidl    
The Revs. Eric and Joanne Stenman    
The Rev. Dr. Nelson T. Strobert    
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Thulin    
Bert and Cheryl Waybright    
Mrs. Margaret L. Weikel    
Mr. and Mrs. T. Stephen Whitman    
David and Judy Young    
Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Zanger

PATRON ($99 and under)

Mr. Timothy D.  Beard, III    
Mr. David Bearr    
Mr. and Mrs. Duane A. Botterbusch    
Mr. Thomas Breivogel Jr.    
Mr. and Mrs. Barclay D. Brooks    
Ms. Rebecca Brown and Mr. Richard Ezell  
David and Jane Bruss    
Ms. Susan Bryant    
Lawrence Bullis    
The Rev. Brian R. Campbell    
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Nancy Chambers    
Ms. Andrea Clark    
Mrs. Nancy T. Crawford    
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Crowner    
Susan Currens    
Robert and Sarah Cutler    
Mr. Richard Deaner    
Clyde and Alicia Dehoff    
Charles Ditzler    
Mr. and Mrs. R. Thomas Dolly    
Ms. Ellen D. Doughty    
Bishop James Dunlop and Mrs. Constance  
Mr. and Mrs. Bertram F. Elsner  
Richard Frey 
Mr. and Mrs. John Fry, Jr.    
Ms. Nancy E. Gable
Holly Gainor    
Jeff and Kathleen Glahn    
Julia Goehring    
Mr. and Mrs. Rodger N. Goodacre    
Ms. Elizabeth Greene    
Mrs. Phyllis B. Hale    
Paul Harner    
The Rev. Stephen and Mrs. Rebecca Harris  
Walter and Linda Hess    
Hazel Hilliard    
Doris Hoffman    
Ms. Betty L. Johnston    
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Kammerer, Jr.    
John and Christine Kellett    
Mr. Lee E. Knepp    
Faye Koerner    
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Laabs    
Mr. Chris Larsen    
Mr. and James R. Lauritsen    
Ms. Wendee Lewis    
Mrs. Jean M Lynch    

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Lyon    
Chip and Ellen Mann
Mr. and Mrs.  Raymond J. Mann Jr.    
Donald and Harriet Marritz    
Robert G. and Sharon J. Martin    
Michael and Carol Matsinko    
Mrs. Juene McGlaughlin    
John and Ann McHale    
Bob and Janet McQuaid    
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. McQuaid    
Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Nicholas, Jr.    
Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Norris    
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Orville W. Nyblade  
Ms. Lydia Obrist    
Mr. Cornelis M. Oussoren    
Dr. Jeffrey R. Pannebaker    
Ms. Carla Pavlick    
Rev. David and Dr. Karen Petr    
Ed and Dorothy Puhl    
Mrs. Bonnie L. Rabold    
Charles and Deborah Raffensperger    
Ms. Ruth E. Ranalli  
Mrs. Linda M Rettenmayer    
Arthur and Hannah Rice    
Eleanor Rice    
Michael and Edie Rice    
Janet and Ed Riggs    
Ms. Marta E. Robertson    
Mr. C. K. Roulette    
The Rev. Katherine Russell    
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Ruth  
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd N. Schaeffer    
Patricia J. Smith    
John Spangler and Maria Erling    
Dr. David N. Speranza and Dr. Kerri A. Bloom
Ms. Carlotta Strohl    
Elaine Swanson    
Stephen and Tammi Swartzbaugh
Donald Tannenbaum    
Robert and Marilyn Teeter    
Currie and Susan Thompson    
Michael and Pamela Waldron   
Ms. Peggy M. Westerhold    
Ms. Bernadine Gavazzi Willard    
Mark Withrow    
Mr. J. Daniel Wolf    
Mr. James F. Wright, III    
Ms. Martha D. Young

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